Robert James Duff 1868 - 1931

A Brief History of Robert James 1868 - 1931
(and wife Ellen Golder 18?? - 1930)

Robert James was born 1 st January 1868 at Franklin Road, Kingston-upon-Thames. He married an Ellen Eliza Golder on 26 th February 1899 at the Church of All Saints Wimbledon . Ellen was born in 1870 in Kingston-upon-Thames. (We have details of both sides of Ellen's family - agricultural workers/gardeners of the Kingston area - going back to 1838.)

Robert James and Ellen had seven sons, all born in the Kingston-upon-Thames area:

  • Robert, born circa 1887
  • Frederick , born 27 th November 1888
  • Alfred, born 11 th March 1891
  • Charles, born 14 th March 1893
  • William, born 10 th March 1895
  • Albert, born 10 th February 1897
  • Leonard, born circa 1907.

Note the dates of birth for the first six against the date of their parent's marriage! At first we thought Ellen might be Robert James's second wife but we have a copy of Frederick 's birth certificate and Robert and Ellen are definitely named as his parents. This has been double checked and approached from different directions but there is no evidence yet to suggest they married before the six boys were born.

We have yet to find details of Robert James, Ellen and family in the 1891 census but in the 1901 census they are recorded as living at 12 Wyndham Road , Kingston-upon-Thames .

Robert James died of Carcinoma of the Oesophagus (=Throat Cancer - was he a heavy smoker?) on the 2 nd January 1931 at 50 Kingston Hill. Ellen died of Perotinitis and Carcinoma of the stomach and right breast on 17 th December 1930 in St. Thomas 's Hospital. Note they both died within a very short space of time which must have put the family under strain. They are both buried in Kingston Cemetery, grave number Ccon 5822.


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