Phoebe Sarah Anne Duff 1866 - 1951

A brief history of Phoebe Sarah Anne 1866 - 1951

Phoebe Sarah Anne was born 12 th August 1866, assumed to be in Kingston-upon-Thames . By 1883 she was living at 2 Hazelhurst Road , Streatham, and it is here that her mother, Phoebe, gave birth to at least two children William Charles in 1883 and Elizabeth in 1884. Whilst giving birth to Elizabeth, Phobe tragically died and the 18 year old Phoebe Sarah Anne arranged the funeral. It is fair to assume that as eldest daughter Phoebe Sarah Anne took on some of the responsibility of her younger siblings.

Phoebe Sarah Anne married one Alfred Sears in 1891 in Wandsworth. She later lived at 22 Club Buildings, Kingston .

It is believed she once ran a laundry business and latterly lived at 17 Beaconsfield Road , Tolworth. She became bedridden and was looked after by Herbert Sykes (the second son of Catherine Carr and Henry) and his wife who had become homeless after WW2 so moved into her home.

She died on 18 th March 1951 and was buried at 2.30pm on 31 st March. She is buried with her husband, who pre-deceased her, in Kingston Cemetery grave number Ccon 5922a. Her funeral was arranged by her nephew, Charles Albert Duff.


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