Cambridge Grove Road

lower Cambridge Grove Road

Cambridge Grove Road is where James Duff, his wife Sarah (neé Huston) and family settled after leaving the army sometime after 1861 (and before 1863) and moving out of the Militia Barracks (then on The Fairfield). In the 1871 census they are shown as living at 28 Cambridge Grove Road and ten years later still there minus the family. Sarah died at 2 Railway Terrace, Canbury Park Road in 1887 whilst James died in 1891 at his third son Andrew's house in Wandsworth, so clearly they were not there a further ten years.

Their eldest son, Robert James, and family were recorded in the 1871 census as living nearby at 21 Cambridge Grove Road. Prior to this Robert James and family lived nearby at Franklin Road and by 1881 they were slightly further away, but still in the vicinity, at Hampden Road.

The lower part of Cambridge Grove Road, where the family lived, was obliterated in the 1960s when the area was re-developed as the Cambridge Road council estate. A stub end of the lower part of the road still exists, as in the upper picture (September 2008). Parts of the upper part of the road, off Bonner Hill Road, still have their original small terraced houses, as in the lower picture (February 2008). It is a fair assumption that houses in the lower part of the road were similar.

upper Cambridge Grove Road


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