indicative of 2 Groveleigh, Willoughby Road

Willougby Road

The majority of houses in Willoughby Road are small Victorian semi-detached residences and were originally named as pairs, number 1 being the left hand of the semi and number 2 the right hand. This convention follows on both sides of the road. The names were carved into the lintels above the bay window. A significant quantity of houses have had their names filled in and Groveleigh is no longer to be seen. (No doubt a Land Registry search may help here - to be done.) The houses appeared to have been named in "zones" as at the south end of Willoughby Road houses are named after places in Kent, the next zone having a Scottish theme. After that names seem to be less obviously grouped. We have selected a typical right-hand now un-named house roughly half way up Willoughby Road, beyond the Kent and Scotland zones, as an example.

In the 1891 census William (son of Robert James) Duff, his wife Susanah (neé Thair) and family are recorded as living here. They later moved to 96 Gibbon Road.


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