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It is intended that this website will contain useful information, data and pictures for those researching, or those that are merely interested in, the history of the branch of the Duff family descended from James Duff and Sarah Huston. By its very nature this will always be "work in progress". Additional items will be added when available, as and when time exists.

It is hoped to be able to extend the family history back through earlier generations, but first we need to establish definitive details of the the births of James and Sarah. Records were maintained at Parish level at the time of their births so we need the dates of their births to get further.

Contributions and corrections are positively welcomed - please get in touch. If you are a relative - no matter how distant - please get in touch.

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Although not relevant to current content, because family information is useful to those involved with identity theft any information about an individual born after 1920, approximately, will only be accessible by use of a log-in and password. Log-ins will only be issued to those whose credentials have been verified.

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