County Donegal, Ireland

The Clock Tower Plaque on the clock tower
Moving slightly more into the town, beyond Slevins department store is The Clock Tower, which dominates the lower part of the town. Of course James and Sarah Duff would not have seen this since they had been living in Kingston-upon-Thames for 18 years by the time it was built.


Looking uphill into the town
Going uphill into the town the road divides and the main street plan becomes a sort of inverted Isosceles triangle - though without straight sides! Ballyshannon's most famous son is not Robert James Duff but the poet William Allingham. The bank at which he worked for a short while can be seen above on the right. We doubt that James Duff banked here! Plaque on the bank
Looking downhill
Above, looking downhill from the eastern side of the triangle is what we can assume to have once been the market area. Note the mountains in the background.


St. Anne's church
Dominating the top of the town is St. Anne's Church of Ireland Church. Unfortunately we failed to investigate the paupers graveyard so missed out on seeing if there are any Duff and/or Huston graves there, though it occurred to us that paupers' graves might not have headstones. St Anne's was almost new when James Duff was stationed in the vicinity. The Civial Marriage Record for James and Sarah appears to be registered to "Ballyshannon C.O.I.", which was this church at the time, although we believe James and Sarah were married in Belleek. Mullaghnashee and St. Anne's church plaque
As James Duff was not native to the area but merely stationed in the Ballyshannon area between 1843 and 1847 we were not expecting to see any Duff graves in St. Anne's graveyard. Therefore part way up the path on the right we were surprised to see a grave for a James Duff from 1925. Is he a relative or is this merely a co-incidence? Grave of James Duff
Detail of gravestone


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